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Floating has an abundance of health and well being benefits. It is a technique practised by some of the highest achieving individuals on the planet. From sports stars, musicians, actors, great thinkers and entrepreneurs. They all reap the rewards of floating, and now so can you…

Mental Health and Stress

The number one cause of all diseases in the world is stress. Floating is an amazing antidote to stress and through this deep relaxation method, you will feel a dramatic decrease in the stress caused by modern day living.


Applying floating to your routine significantly lowers your levels of anxiety. With a removal of sensory stimuli, floating allows your mind to be free from all distractions, enabling you to be in the perfect place to find your ultimate inner peace. 

SLEEP AND Physical Recovery

We all need a good night’s sleep. Float therapy is extremely effective in treating sleep problems such as insomnia, and significantly improving the amount of sleep and the quality of sleep in people.


With an hour’s floating offering up similar physical and mental benefits to a six-hour sleep in a bed, the peace and tranquil state you experience in the pod will follow you until bedtime to ensure you have a great night’s sleep.


Pain in the lower back is highly common among the population. Floating provides immediate relief for people who suffer from back pain, inflammation and muscle tension.

While you are in the pod, there is no pressure or weight placed anywhere on your back. The lack of gravity in the pod means your spine can find its natural curve gradually and allows the vertebrae of your spine to decompress in the weightlessness.

Other Benefits of FLoating

man suffers with mental health issues

Mental Health

Studies have shown floating highly benefits those living with anxiety and depression

Person with chronic pains in their body

Body Pain

Floating relieves all pressure on your body, this will release endorphins that will naturally target the painful areas.

Man is quicker at learning new skills


Floating has been linked to learning new skills faster as well as absorption of new information.

Improve your brain power


Floating leads to clarity of thought, to allow you to think "outside the box" on your next creative project.

Person stressed out by the amount of work

Reduction of Stress

Applying this deep relaxation method to your routine significantly lowers levels of the stress response hormone, Cortisol.

Man in recovery after long term body pain

Sports Recovery

Enables the speeding up of recovery times and can continue to support the injury healing process.

Person meditating to improve mindfulness


Floating has the same mental affect as deep meditation and allows you to completely let go with your mind.

Woman sleeping 8 hours a night


Floating allows your body to rest easier at night by relaxing your bodies nervous systems.

Heavily pregnant woman

Expecting Mothers

Pregnant mothers find solace in forming a deeper bond with their child when floating.

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