How To Float

breathe to go deeper

The float pod allows your mind and body to RELAX.

Only when you are completely relaxed can you really LET GO.

Only when you have let go can your mind and soul RECOVER.

Get showered

You will be shown to your private room and advised to use the lavatory and shower before your floating session. This will remove any dirt, oil or fragrances to ensure you have the best experience.

Put your earplugs in

Ear plugs will be provided which will prevent water from entering your ears and also help you to fully disconnect.

Enter Float Tank

Step into the float pod and allow yourself to let go and lay on your back. The epsom salt enriched water will fully support you and allow you to float effortlessly. Let your head and neck relax and feel the tension escape your body.


Once you feel comfortable and acclimatised to the tank. Just Relax. Let your thoughts float away and remember to control your breathing. Take deep relaxing breaths and simply let go and bathe in tranquility.
Tips to enhance your first float

How to improve your experience

No Shaving Before

Freshly shaved skin can be easily irritated by the salt which can ultimately affect your floating experience

No Expectations

There is no right or wrong way to float.
Floating is an entirely individualistic experience, find what works for you.

Be Hydrated

Try to remain hydrated throughout the day, but ensure not to drink too much before floating.

Focus On Your Breath

If you find your mind wandering pay attention to the pattern of your breath. Ensure to take deep breaths and focus on the process. This will help your mind to calm.

Try Different Positions

Move your body freely and find which position is right for you.

Float Nude

We want to eliminate external irritations, so we advise to float nude. Our pods are excellently filtered to ensure the cleanliness.

Don't Stress Over Time

You will hear the before your session is over, so don’t worry about the time, instead focus on your breath to avoid your mind drifting.

Eat A Light Meal First

It is best to float once your food has settled, so try to eat something 90-minutes before your session.

No Stimulants

Caffeine and other stimulants may affect how your body and mind relax, so we advise no stimulants on the day of your session

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