About Us

Here at Relax Float Spa, wellness is our number one priority. Our well being directly affects our actions and emotions. Therefore, it is important for everyone to achieve optimal wellness in order to reduce stress and minimise the risk of illness and ensure positive interaction throughout your daily life.

As a team including a medical GP, someone directly affected by anxiety, and just people who searched for ultimate relaxation, we came together to bring the float spa to Leeds. We discovered something which enhances relaxation to unimaginable levels and has an immensely stress reducing effect.

Apart from endless mental health benefits floating works on improving your health from the inside out. By balancing your internal state your skin benefits and is much healthier. By increasing the levels of magnesium in your body helps your skin to repair. 

We as a team experienced floating and came away with many benefits and we are very passionate to bring this opportunity to the people of Leeds.